AMN Investor Relations: General FAQs

  1. When is AMN Healthcare's fiscal year end?
  • AMN's fiscal year end is December 31st.
  1. Who are AMN Healthcare's independent auditors?
  • AMN's independent auditors are KPMG LLP.
  1. Who is AMN Healthcare's stock transfer agent?
  • AMN's stock transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC ("AST"). To contact AST, please call 800-937-5449 or visit their website at
  1. When was AMN Healthcare founded?
  • AMN Healthcare was founded in March of 1985 under the name of American Mobile Nurses, Inc.
  1. When was AMN Healthcare incorporated?
  • AMN was incorporated in the State of Delaware on November 10, 1997.
  1. When did AMN Healthcare become a publicly traded company?
  • AMN became a publicly traded company on November 13, 2001.
  1. Where is AMN Healthcare’s headquarters located?
  • 12400 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, California 92130
  1. Where does AMN Healthcare’s stock trade?
  • Our stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “AMN”.
  1. How can I access AMN Healthcare’s SEC filing documents? 
  1. Can I have news releases and other information sent to me?
  • Click on this link to access our Information Request page for news releases and other information.


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